Friday, January 13, 2012

Like I said before, you can cut their pay, but don't ever, ever kick them in the teeth

Workers who help Canadians obtain employment insurance benefits are demanding that Human Resources Minister Diane Finley apologize and resign for implying they have caused the backlogs that are forcing some jobless people to wait months for their first cheque.

The Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU) said Thursday that about 2,500 of its members have filed grievances against Ms. Finley over a letter she wrote in November to the Charlottetown Guardian.

Cut jobs, attack pensions and benefits they fought for and won fairly, yes, they'll grumble for a long time before they act.  But blame them publicly for the elected government's screw-ups on top of all that, try to make them the villain in how cuts to services affect Canadians,  well, back at you  - 2,500 times over.
Good for you, folks at EI.  We add our many voices to yours.


Beijing York said...

Bravo! More people have to raise their voices.

And wow, you are really on a roll today. Hope that means you're feeling better, 900ft.

900ft Jesus said...

definitely have more energy today.