Monday, April 18, 2011

Mostly competent?

Massive fail at seeing the coming of a recession.

Unable to face media and Canadians in open forums.

Fails to gain UN security seat.

Winner of colossal fossil award repeatedly.

Biggest deficit ever.

Most partisan appointments to Senate ever - despite criticizing such appointments.

Hires a convicted criminal for his inner office and grants him security clearance.

His Minister leaves secret files laying around where people with criminal ties have access to them.

First Canadian government to be found in contempt of Parliament - ever.

So insecure while in power he had to run attack ads on the opposition non-stop even between elections.

Unable to face the consequences of his own poor actions, he prorogued Parliament twice.

Cut international aid to Africa, gutted women's rights, cut green programs, denied climate change, appointed creationist as Minister of Science and Technology, lies repeatedly about how Canadian legislation and the Constitution work...

But then, some people really can't see reality when it's biting them in the ass.

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